"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

23-01-2016 11:00 AM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

Virat Kohli Scores his First Double Century | My Indian Dream

The opening test against West Indies, being played at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua, undoubtedly belongs to the Indian Captain Virat Kohli. He made batting look so easy and entertained everyone by scoring his first double-hundred in test matches. He also created history by becoming the first Indian captain to score a double-... Read More

01-01-2016 12:00 AM | Shambhavi Khulbey

A Lesson for the Humans | My Indian Dream

Somewhere lays a land only dreamt of but never known to exist, known as “Foodisthan”. The Inhabitants of this country are food items that have always been appeasing our stomachs. “Ah! Welcome! Welcome all! Please take your seats. I am very happy to ...um..see all of you again!” addressed King Potato, at one of their meetings... Read More

01-01-2016 12:00 AM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

Utilizing Plastic Waste in Road Construction | My Indian Dream

There is good news! Indian government and the lawmakers of our country have finally taken note of the enormous amount of plastic waste in our country! Recently, a law has been passed which has made it compulsory for road developers to incorporate recycled plastic in all new road construction. This is a welcome decision, considering the fact that su... Read More

01-01-2016 12:00 AM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

The Growing Disconnect: Food and Us! | My Indian Dream

Processed Foods! Ready-to eat! Packaged Foods! We all live fast lives and prefer fast foods. There is a lack of time in our busy lives. To compensate, we have started devoting lesser and lesser time to probably the most essential thing responsible for our health i.e. food. Ask yourself honestly - Are you choosing, cooking and consumi... Read More

01-01-2016 12:00 AM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

I Gained from Giving! | My Indian Dream

It was my birthday  and I took my family and friends out for dinner. We all enjoyed biryani, kebabs and cake served at the restaurant. At the end of the fun-filled evening, my younger brother suggested that we get the leftover food packed. As I was in a fun mood and didn’t want to take back home any “baggage”, I refused. I to... Read More

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