"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

30-06-2016 05:00 PM | Aastha Dogra, My Indian Dream

Restaurants, Malls, Eateries, Theatres - Now Open 24*7 | My Indian Dream

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to go out and enjoy a meal at 1 a.m., but stayed put hungry at home because of lack of options? Or you had time to watch a movie only in the morning, but the theatre near you does not operate during that time? Well, all this is about to change. The government has approved the Model Shop & Estab... Read More

30-06-2016 05:00 PM | Aastha Dogra, My Indian Dream

A Big Bonanza for Government Employees | My Indian Dream

The government accepted the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission and cleared 23.5% pay hike for Central Government staff, benefitting both employees as well as pensioners. The salary hike will be effective from January 1, 2016. Central Government employees have a lot to cheer about as even the starting salary of new appointees has been raised ... Read More

30-06-2016 05:00 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu | My Indian Dream

Interview with Pankhudi Foundation | My Indian Dream

Shahzad Akhtar Wakeel truly lead the life of a king who cared for his countrymen. A student from IIT Bombay, he motivated his entire group to work for uplifting the underprivileged children of the society and started an NGO- Pankhudi. It is unfortunate to know that this blessed man suffered an asthma attack in November 2014 and left us. This is a p... Read More

28-06-2016 05:00 PM | Aastha Dogra, My Indian Dream

India to be a manufacturing hub for foreign Smartphone Companies | My Indian Dream

The 12% import duty imposed on Smartphones is turning out to be a boon for Indian contract manufacturers. Chinese and Korean Smartphone companies are looking at India as a possible manufacturing hub, to save themselves from the high taxation. The growing Smartphone market in India is another reason why these companies want to shift their manufactur... Read More

28-06-2016 05:00 PM | My Indian Dream

ANANT DHARAA 2016 | My Indian Dream

On the occasion of World Environment Day, SamvadSocial Technologies Private Limited, presents the Pune city residents, with an entertaining, two-day charity event titled “Anant Dharaa”. The idea behind the event is to spread awareness on protection and preservation of the planet and its species.Part of proceeds from the event will be... Read More