"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

28-03-2016 05:00 PM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

If you know this, would you still waste food? | My Indian Dream

According to the latest statistics, India ranks 55 amongst 76 countries on Global Hunger Index! Every night, crores of people go to sleep without eating anything. Twenty two percent of our population lives below the poverty line and millions of children die of malnutrition every year.  According to the United Nations Development P... Read More

21-03-2016 05:00 PM | Aastha Dogra | My Indian Dream

World Water Day - Saving the Blue! | My Indian Dream

Do you know one out of nine people in this world do not have access to clean drinking water? By the year 2050, five times more land will be under extreme drought situation. This is likely to put world environment and food security in deep trouble!  World Water day is celebrated every year on 22nd March, to spread awareness on pres... Read More

01-03-2016 05:00 PM | My Indian Dream

Annapurna Me - Leftovers Guru Contest | My Indian Dream

Annapurna Me was organized to spread awareness on Zero Food Wastage, through a weeklong series of activities from 1st March to 8th March 2016, coinciding with International Women’s Day. Everyday participants submitted creative recipes prepared from leftover food on our website. The top ten finalists were shortlisted by Chef Rit... Read More