"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

30-04-2017 09:30 AM | Pooja Nevewani

Lord Krishna’s teachings: solutions to crossroads of life | My Indian Dream

If you win battle in your mind, you have already won the battle in real life. When the great warrior Arjuna was about to start the battle, he summoned to inaction. He was at a crossroad as to how can he fight with his uncles and cousins and  what is the point of winning the battle when half of his family will be dead. At this point of time Lor... Read More

30-04-2017 09:30 AM | Pooja Nevewani

Discoveries of Indian saints: still unknown to the world | My Indian Dream

India is known for its wit for ages. It’s a land of very important discoveries, inventions and astounding knowledge. Saints of ancient India has given world so many things and inventions that the world will be grateful for eons in future as well. The great ‘Granths’, ‘Puranas’, ‘Vedas’ of theirs are marvell... Read More

30-04-2017 09:30 AM | Wing Commander Shashikant Oak (Retd) | My Indian Dream

Remembrances of Air Force life part 3 | My Indian Dream

My mind went back… I was in getting in my car around 2 O’ clock, after pack up for the day, Pawar, office boy placed briefcase by the side of me. I could see in rear view someone approaching towards me stealthily. Looking at my frowning, a smart salute followed voice, ‘Good afternoon Sir, This is Cpl Pandey reporting’! &... Read More

30-04-2017 09:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani

New Rs 5 and Rs 10 denomination coins to be put to circulation by the Reserve Bank of India | My Indian Dream

To celebrate the 125th year of National Archives of India and the 150th anniversary of Allahabad High Court, the Reserve Bank of India will soon circulate the newly minted Rs 10 coins and Rs 5 coins for each of the event respectively.The Reserve Bank of India has described the design of the coins in the press release. The design of the new minte... Read More