"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

25-03-2018 04:00 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Where are these words inscribed ? | My Indian Dream

India's First War Museum, the Jaisalmer War Museum makes every Indian swell with pride as it traces the evolution of the Indian army and its invaluable contribution to the country. The well-maintained museum exhibits actual battle tanks, jeeps, weapons including photographs of battles as well as an audio-visual show. Situated exactly at the ... Read More

25-03-2018 03:35 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

India’s First Lady Autorickshaw Driver Teaches Us To Break Barriers | My Indian Dream

Shila Dawre was good at driving and wanted to make driving her profession. However, she faced opposition from her family who after providing her with education wanted to marry her off for which the rebellious girl was not ready. Dawre left her town in Parbhani and came to Mumbai where she initially struggled, but later triumphed to become the ... Read More

25-03-2018 02:30 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

What A Wonderful Way To Preserve Indian Folk Music | My Indian Dream

Dapu Khan, a 58-year-old Rajasthani folk artist, what so unique about him...One of the world's oldest instruments the kamaicha, he used to play at the entrance of Jaisalmer Fort till he met two graduates of the Berklee School of Music, Abhinav Agrawal and Satyam Sangwan and lawyer Shuchi Roy a few ye... Read More

25-03-2018 02:00 PM | Archana Sadashiv Wagle | My Indian Dream

Know The Best Classroom In The World | My Indian Dream

I had been to a wedding with my family. I was keen on meeting my friend's mother because I had reverence for her through the various stories my friend had told about her. Since the hosts were busy, I asked someone about her and I was directed to a lady. When I went up to her and introduced myself she was so delighted that my warm hug was recipr... Read More

24-03-2018 04:30 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

A Device That Converts Energy From Oceanic Waves Into Electricity.  | My Indian Dream

D C Sekhar, a former Captian with the Merchant Navy and a Bangalore based has innovated a device that converts energy from oceanic waves into electricity.  Captian Shekhar with his 26 years of experience in Merchant Navy, made a prototype at Sadahalli (near Devanahalli), Bengaluru and got it tested at IIT-Madras. Th... Read More

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