"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

30-04-2019 04:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Helping Hands NGO Make Use Of An Empty Land To Transform It Into A Plant Nursery | My Indian Dream

The freshness of homegrown vegetables is different from the ones you buy from the market. Sowing the seed just to see it grow makes the soul happy but, in today’s world, most of them don’t have the time for gardening. However, getting indulged in the things which give you utmost happiness is a great way to revive. Many people like the c... Read More

30-04-2019 01:30 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Driver Acts Spontaneously, Reverses Train To Save  A Wounded Man | My Indian Dream

Spontaneity can help you get through a difficult scenario because a spontaneous idea results in a positive outcome depending on the situation. And for a train driver, an impromptu decision helped him save a soul. At Kota-Bina stretch in Rajasthan, the driver reversed the train for about a distance of 1 km to save a man named Vinod. It has been s... Read More

30-04-2019 01:30 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Drone Built By Engineers Delivered A Kidney For Transplantation | My Indian Dream

Drones have come a long way, be it delivering products or managing a warehouse, aerial vehicles have evolved immensely. Humans are getting exposed to new technologies and ideas almost every now and then and most of them are making the best use of it. The engineers of the University of Maryland created wonders when a drone built by them delivered a ... Read More

30-04-2019 12:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

The Floating Canvas Will Let You Subscribe To Their Artworks At A Minimal Price Per Month | My Indian Dream

Enchanting paintings and artworks have the ability to leave a person mesmerized. Witnessing the displayed arts in an exhibition is a treat to the eyes but, not all of us get to purchase them. A lot of us may have had the wish to own an S.H. Raza or an M.F. Husain painting but, couldn’t owing to their prices. Even the artworks by other talente... Read More

29-04-2019 06:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Loop, A Platform To Curb Down Consumer Waste | My Indian Dream

The increase in consumer waste is doing no good for the environment as a lot of materials don’t get recycled. But, a zero-waste platform called Loop initiated by TerraCycle is focusing on curbing down consumer waste. It is joining hands with consumer brands such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, P&G, Unilever, and many others to wor... Read More