"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

30-03-2019 06:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury/ My Indian Dream

Meet 26-Year-Old Taniya Sanyal, The Only Female Aviation Firefighter | My Indian Dream

A strong mind, an optimistic outlook, and zeal are the three things that you need to flourish in life and with all these qualities, Taniya Sanyal has become India’s first ever woman firefighter in the aviation industry. The high spirited 26-year-old Taniya wanted to do something unconventional in life since her childhood so that she could bri... Read More

30-03-2019 03:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury/ My Indian Dream

Oslo Plans To Become The First City To Introduce Wireless Charging For Electric Taxis | My Indian Dream

Oslo is all set to bring in a dynamic change for the electric taxis in the city. The legislators of the Norwegian capital have joined hands with clean energy companies, Fortum and Momentum Dynamics to install wireless charging system for electric taxis. The project plans to fix the charging plate in the road which will connect to an electrical rece... Read More

30-03-2019 12:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury/ My Indian Dream

Age Is Just A Number: At 103, Man Kaur Secures A Gold Medal in Shot Put | My Indian Dream

Life throws a curve ball at everyone at some point in time due to which the path ahead becomes rocky but, those who keep going are called as the ultimate survivors. For 103-year-old Man Kaur, life is still about achievements and she has been perfectly living up to it. The centenarian secured a gold medal in shot put at The World Masters Athletics C... Read More

29-03-2019 06:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Smile Confidently: Here's How You Can Take Care of Your Dental Hygiene | My Indian Dream

We often forget to pay heed to our dental health and emphasize on our general health the most. But, did you know ignoring a small cavity or a toothache can lead to major discomforts? It has been said that an average person only brushes for 45 to 70 seconds in a day whereas its recommended to brush for at least 2 minutes. An unhealthy mouth leads to... Read More

29-03-2019 03:30 PM | Debarati Choudhury/ My Indian Dream

Valiant and Fearless: Reshma Nilofer Naha Is India's Only Marine Pilot | My Indian Dream

Courage and self-belief can make a person excel in anything and for Reshma Nilofer Naha, manoeuvring ships through harbours is something which she does in her daily life. She is India’s first and only river pilot who was recently given the Nari Shakti Puraskar by our President, Ram Nath Kovind. Reshma joined the Calcutta Port Trust in 2011 as... Read More