"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

31-05-2019 05:30 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Circus Roncalli Is Making The Most Out Of Technology To Bring In A Change | My Indian Dream

Circuses might be a treat to the eyes for many of them because tigers generally don’t jump through a fire circle or elephants don’t really roll a ball with their trunk. But, have you ever wondered how these wild animals end up doing such things? An immense amount of torture is what they go through just to entertain people. However, Germ... Read More

31-05-2019 01:30 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Namrata Tanna Is Empowering Several Homemakers Through Food | My Indian Dream

Mothers are the best cooks and their food can soothe any soul. We wouldn’t have surpassed all the hurdles if our moms weren’t there. In India, several homemakers are not given credit for the way they bind their houses. Their duties start from early in the morning and end when everyone at home goes off to sleep. Namrata Tanna, a former j... Read More

31-05-2019 12:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Bamboochi Can Help You Go On An Eco-Friendly Ride | My Indian Dream

They say cycling is one of the best exercises and what if you get a chance to do something eco-friendly while riding on a cycle? Former Air Force Captain, Shashishekhar Pathak knew how to make the most out of natural resources and that’s when he made a cycle from bamboo grown in his own land. He then founded Bamboochi, a company which se... Read More

31-05-2019 01:30 AM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

The Interiors Of This Mumbai Restaurant Is Absolutely Eco-Friendly | My Indian Dream

A restaurant in Mumbai has become quite fabled among people not only for the food that it serves but, also for the way it has been designed. The restaurant named Cardboard is the talk of the town because its interiors are completely made out of cardboard. In fact, the menu card holder is also made of it. Designed by Nuru Karim of Nudes, Cardboar... Read More

30-05-2019 05:00 PM | Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream

Here's Why Drinking Warm Water Can Be Advantageous For You | My Indian Dream

You must be aware of the fact that drinking lukewarm water right after waking up helps you shed weight. But apart from that it also has other benefits. It boosts your metabolism and helps you get rid of the toxins. Now that the temperature is quite high, most of you may quench your thirst with cold water but did you know it can be harmful to your d... Read More