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Food Dosti, One Of Its Kind Revolutionary Platform, Has Been Launched

25-11-2017 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Food Dosti, One Of Its Kind Revolutionary Platform, Has Been Launched | My Indian Dream

Food Dosti is India's first zero food wastage platform 

Pune's Deputy Mayor Dr Siddharth Dhende on Wednesday launched a remarkable, game-changing app, the ' Food Dosti' app, version 2.0 at the Deccan Royale Hotel in Pune. The mobile application is the brainchild of Mr Sanjeev Neve, Founder of Samvad Social Technologies. The app is recognized as India's first zero food wastage platform which resolves the issue of food wastage in restaurants. 

The app brings eateries, their customers, and non-profits together in a win-win bid to minimize food wastage. Restaurants tied up with Food Dosti offer Food Dosti points to customers who finish the food on their plate, thus encouraging patrons to aim for a cleaner plate after every meal. The points enable them to secure discounts on future meals. Another highlight of the app is that the surplus food at the restaurants is put to good use by being fed to the needy. The Food Dosti app, version 2.0 facilitates tie-ups between restaurants and non-profits/NGOs so that the surplus food reaches the needy, thus ensuring no food is wasted.

Dr Siddharth Dhende, who was the guest of honour at the event pledged his support towards this noble cause and assured of all help. He has proposed special concessions for the entities connected to Food Dosti for the cause. 

Celebrity Chef, Nilesh Limaye was also present at the event and expressed his views on zero food wastage. Director of Poona Guest House (PGH), Secretary of Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association (PRAHA) and a representative of Annadoot Charitable Sevabhavi Nyasa Mr Kishor Sarpotdar was present and shared his views on upcycling of food.

Mr Sanjeev Neve said that his company is committed to working towards social causes and Food Dosti app is the first step in this endeavour.

About Food Dosti

Food Dosti is India's first Zero Food Wastage platform that connects a Restaurant to its customers and on the other hand to non-profits to ensure minimal food wastage
It rewards zero food wastage in a simple manner:
Enjoy food at any Food Dosti Restaurant with exclusive offers and get rewards just for ensuring zero food wastage on table.
Also get an option to order half a portion if you are low on appetite.
Plus get freebies like free dinner when you redeem rewards and offers. And best of all...be satisfied that the food that is saved helps feeding someone needy!

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