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Pune's Biggest Zero Food Wastage Cooking Event

20-08-2017 08:00 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Pune's Biggest Zero Food Wastage Cooking Event | My Indian Dream

A Cooking Event with a Cause...

A unique cooking event with an aim to promote awareness about “Zero Food Wastage” was organized by Khauchi 12 Khadi Pune in collaboration with FoodDosti, India's First Zero Food Wastage Platform. Over 600 guests, including the Corporator of Khadki Cantonment Board Ms. Pooja Anand attended the event to witness the beauty of recipes created keeping in mind our traditional cuisine and authentic beverages prepared with kitchen waste material.

Dishing out the best recipes literally from kitchen wastes like seeds, peels and throw away items, almost 100 participants were all excited to show case their culinary expertise to avoid food wastage and to leave behind a better planet.

Celebrity Chef Vishnu Manohar, Kishore Sarpodar, Pradeep Bhawalkar, Kunal Ghodke, Sarvesh Jadav, Gauri Kongo, Vijaymala Pawar, Anjali Wagle adjudged the best recipes and the awards were presented on the same day. Seema Nalawade, Pragati Ahire, and Sujata Parab walked away with the top three spots. Five more consolation prizes were also awarded.

Other highlights of the event were a fashion show by Meenal Thipse and Dantale Jewellers with the show stopper Miss India 2017 Esha Agrawal. Multiple workshops including a Zero Food Wastage cooking workshop by Mrs. Vidya Tamhankar received a great response. Members of Mahila Bachat Gat also got to showcase their homemade products.

My Indian Dream was the initiative partner for the event.

Top five out of more than hundred Food Dosti restaurants, were felicitated for their most successful implementation of the Zero Food Wastage application at the hands of Chef Vishnu Manohar. The restaurants that were felicitated were Green 9 - Wagholi, Tales & Spirits - SB Road, Chulangan - Kharadi, Pammy's - Pimple Saudagar, 

All the guests attending the event also received goodie bags after the memorable event.

This successful event marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey of passion and mentorship with the members of the culinary industry in Pune.

Khauchi 12Khadi is a group of entrepreneurs with a common passion for "Cooking and Food". Food Dosti is India's First Zero Food Wastage platform that brings eateries, their customers and non-profits together in a win-win bid to minimize food wastage.

About Food Dosti

Food Dosti is India's first Zero Food Wastage platform that connects a Restaurant to its customers and on the other hand to non-profits to ensure minimal food wastage
It rewards zero food wastage in a simple manner:
Enjoy food at any Food Dosti Restaurant with exclusive offers and get rewards just for ensuring zero food wastage on table.
Also get an option to order half a portion if you are low on appetite.
Plus get freebies like free dinner when you redeem rewards and offers. And best of all...be satisfied that the food that is saved helps feeding someone needy!

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