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France to host world's first museum of polar lands

15-03-2017 01:04 PM  
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France to host world's first museum of polar lands | My Indian Dream

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The son of a renowned French explorer has built a museum in France that exhibits "the beauty of polar landscapes" and reflects the consequences of climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic regions

Anthropologist Jean-Christophe Victor - son of the French polar explorer Paul-Emile Victor has built a polar museum in France which is the only permanent museum devoted to the Arctic and Antarctic in the world. Stephane Niveau, a naturalist also helped in the conception of this museum which is built in the shape of a jutting iceberg and with 60 percent of its volume buried underground.

Inside the museum, the visitors are struck by an intense white world with huge video screens that show the ice caps amid the noise of an icy blizzard. Photographs, items from polar expeditions and video presentations - on ecosystems, rising sea levels, indigenous peoples and other themes - transports the visitors into the polar world and also creates awareness about the harm that climate change is causing in the poles.

The Arctic's surface temperature has risen by more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) since the late 19th century while in Antarctica, scientists are most concerned about it's western peninsula, sitting underneath a kilometre-thick ice sheet with enough frozen water to lift global sea levels by six or seven meters (more than 20 feet).

The museum named Paul-Emile Victor, provides an audio visual tutorial on these changes. Museum's director Stephane Niveau said that the aim of the museum is to teach the visitors about the polar world in a meaningful and playful manner.

The museum has a documentation centre which can be of help to researchers, a skating rink and a conference hall.

The management of the museum expects a footfall of 50,000 to 70,000 visitors per year.



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