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Pakistan will conduct its first census after 19 years

14-03-2017 12:30 PM  
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Pakistan will conduct its first census after 19 years | My Indian Dream

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From Wednesday, Pakistan will conduct its first national census in 19 years and it will take help from over 200,000 of its troops

Pakistan will conduct a census on Wednesday after a period of 19 years.

This is the country's sixth census and it will be conducted in two phases. This was disclosed by Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor and minister of state for information Marriyum Aurangzeb at a joint conference. The census will be completed on May 25.

Ghafoor said that the census would be conducted with the aid of over 200,000 troops.

He said that each civilian enumerator going from house to house to enlist the number of households and individuals living there will be accompanied by at least one soldier who will help in verification of data collected by the enumerators.

Aurangzeb said that they have taken adequate administrative and security arrangements for the population and housing census. She also said that 1,18,918 government servants from various departments are taking part in the census and they have been thoroughly trained for the job.

She said that the first phase will start from March 15 and end on April 15. The second phase will start from April 25 after a 10 day gap and conclude on May 25.

The cost of conducting the census is around Rs 18.5 billion. People who give wrong information will not be spared and there will be an imprisonment of six months and Rs 50,000 fine if wrong information is given.
The last census conducted by Islamabad in 1998 recorded a national population of approximately 180 million at that time.



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