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UN body extends Istanbul train corridor to Dhaka

16-03-2017 12:30 PM  
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UN body extends Istanbul train corridor to Dhaka | My Indian Dream

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The Istanbul-Teheran-Islamabad (ITI) train corridor will be extended to Delhi-Kolkata-Dhaka (DKD) . This was proposed by a United Nations body to promote regional cooperation.

A United Nations Body has proposed to extend the Istanbul-Teheran-Islamabad (ITI) train corridor to Delhi-Kolkata-Dhaka (DKD) in order to promote cooperation among the region’s countries. It also maintained that the train corridor will facilitate intra regional trade and will ensure better connectivity between Asia and Europe.

Matthew Hammill, officer-in-charge of United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) said that it is a challenge to create an operational cohesive international transport network in South and South-West Asia.

The task of promoting regional cooperation for sustainable development lies with ESCAP which is a regional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia Pacific region. The best way to promote regional cooperation is through good transport connectivity as it will help to shape regional production networks in those regions. 

Hammill said that along with the proposal for the extension of  the Istanbul–Tehran–Islamabad (ITI) Container Train Corridor to Delhi-Kolkata-Dhaka (DKD), there is also a possibility of extending this rail corridor further to Yangon.

Representatives from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Russian Federation attended the international meet, among others. The rail corridor will help to provide multi-modal linkages to connect with landlocked developing countries such as Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal and as well as various Central Asian countries. 

ESCAP is taking steps to make such policy tools and guidelines that will benefit all participating countries. Its Regional Cooperation Framework for Facilitation of International Railway Transport is an important guiding document in this respect, which can help to address various operational challenges and non-physical barriers.

This project will help to strengthen the  international railway transport facility in the sub region.



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