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A great saviour for those who suffer from cardiac failure

18-07-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

A great saviour for those who suffer from cardiac failure | My Indian Dream

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Know how a 3D printed heart works exactly like the real organ!

Scientists have developed an artificial silicon heart that functions exactly like the actual human heart. This is a great news and a saviour of all those who suffers from cardiac failure.

A huge number of people suffer from cardiac failures all over the world. Getting heart donors is difficult and keeping the heart functioning by artificial pumping is until the patient gets a new heart or his own heart starts functioning.

This newly made artificial heart is soft and weighs 390 grams with a volume of 679 cubic centimetres. The new heart has a right and left ventricle and is separated by an additional chamber. The chamber inflates and deflates with the pressurised air and pumps fluids from the blood chambers. The scientists demonstrated the working of the silicon heart.

But this heart developed is not the one that can be used for implantations now as the heart can sustain only up to 3000 beats which is only half or three-quarters of an hour. The material, beyond 3000 beats cannot withstand the strain. However, this experiment gave a new direction to the production of artificial hearts. The tensile strength and performance of the material used would be improved and worked up gradually.

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