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A Mammoth Step to Save Elephants

10-10-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Mammoth Step to Save Elephants | My Indian Dream

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Antique ivory trade to be banned in Britain

Giving in to pressures from campaigners, Britain is mulling over the ban on trade in antique ivory. It had already imposed a ban on the sale of raw ivory but allows trade in carved items produced before 1947. Campaigners warn that this legal market is acting as a cover to carry out trade in illegal ivory.

Britain on Friday outlined plans for a near-total ban on trade in antique ivory. Environment Secretary Michael Gove while announcing the plan said that poaching of elephants for their tusks is causing a decline in their population. Asserting the fact that the dwindling elephant population shames our generation, he stated that possession of ivory should not be treated as a status symbol or commodity for financial gain.

The new proposals call for a ban on sales of older ivory items with some exemptions including musical instruments and items deemed to have "significant historic, artistic or cultural value."

The US-based Wildlife Conservation Society supported the decision as it was "a critical step in joining other nations to reverse the precipitous decline of African elephants."  World Wildlife Fund (WWF) chief executive Tanya Steeler warned there was a long way to go and "no time to waste."

She said that 55 African elephants are killed every day and a ban on illegal trade is the need of the hour.

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