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A town in Canada spent a decade and $ 2.7 million to save turtles

30-05-2017 02:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A town in Canada spent a decade and $ 2.7 million to save turtles | My Indian Dream

A town in Canada spent $ 2.7 million and ten years to save its turtles and endangered reptiles from being killed and their hard work has now borne fruits

The Long Point Causeway in southern Ontario was constructed a little over a century ago and tourists unknowingly and unintentionally have run their cars over thousands of turtles and endangered reptiles while traveling to see the beautiful beaches of the Long Point Peninsula.

In 2006,  one Long Point resident decided that something has to be done to save the critters. His intention garnered huge support and residents started a project to save the turtles and reptiles. It took ten years of hard work and  $2.7 million for the project to be successful and the residents are very satisfied as the turtle and snake deaths have fallen by 80%.

Rick Levick was joined in his mission by other empowered locals to campaign for culverts to be installed underneath the dangerous 2-mile road. Culverts are tiny tunnels that allow the small animals to cross the road without facing the danger of being run over by the cars or other vehicles.

It was decided to construct 12 culverts which would cost around $ 2.7 million. The determined residents were undaunted by the hefty price and they sought to fund from numerous wildlife agencies and organizations. Finally, in 2008, the construction of culverts started and the last one was built in January.

The residents are elated by the results as the turtle and snake deaths have fallen by 80%. Their efforts have been rewarded and they know that every penny spent was worth it.

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