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At 67, World’s Oldest Known Bird Lays An Egg

10-01-2018 12:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

At 67, World’s Oldest Known Bird Lays An Egg | My Indian Dream

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Albatross fly thousands of miles every year and return to raise a chick

The world’s oldest known wild bird, an albatross named Wisdom has laid an egg at her home in the US Pacific island territory Midway Atoll. It is estimated that the bird has raised over 30 offsprings till date. Every year, Wisdom along with millions of albatrosses flies thousands of kilometres to return home and raise a single chick.

Wisdom and her mate, Akeakamai, return to the same spot every year to renew their bond.  They take turns guarding the chick when one of them goes to fetch food for themselves and the chick. 

While albatross are known to lay an egg every other year, Wisdom has hatched chicks two years in a row which is a rare feat for albatross.

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