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Borders dissolve as timely help by Indian helps a man in South Africa

12-07-2017 02:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Borders dissolve as timely help by Indian helps a man in South Africa | My Indian Dream

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Financial help assists man to become top jurist in South Africa

An Indian-origin shopkeeper in South Africa has become the talk of the town after the new deputy chief justice attributed his success to him for funding the judge’s education.

Around four decades ago, Raymond Zondo, now 57, had approached the Indian-origin shopkeeper, Suleman Bux for a loan to pursue his studies. He was skeptical whether anyone would offer a loan to a 20-year-old man.

Suleman Bux, 76, who at that time ran a small general store in Ixopo town agreed to help him. He regularly supplied groceries to Zondo’s family so that they could save what they would have spent on this for his studies. In the following years, Bux almost forgot about this help which he had rendered to Zondo.

When Zondo began earning, he contacted Bux and tried to repay his kindness, but Bux who stills runs a wholesale store declined and instead asked Zondo to finance some other young students.

Zondo explained that ever since he completed his degree, he has been helping other students with financial difficulties to pursue their studies.

Zondo’s emotional video after his elevation to the country’s second highest judicial post went viral as he expressed his gratitude to Bux for his timely help.

Zondo later met with Bux and his extended family to thank him personally. He gifted Bux a very nice watch. Bux was very moved by the gesture.


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