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Drones Help To Save Lives In Rwanda

10-01-2018 12:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Drones Help To Save Lives In Rwanda | My Indian Dream

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Drone delivery service supplies life-saving blood and medicines on time

Drones are coming to the aid of patients in Rwanda many times, saving their lives, by promptly delivering the much-needed blood or medicines.  The drones have been developed by a Silicon Valley robotics company, Zipline that has teamed up with the Rwandan health ministry to hasten the delivery of vital medicines to hospitals in remote areas. An ingenious drone delivery service is known as “Uber for blood” has slashed the delivery time of life-saving medicine to remote regions of Rwanda from four hours to an average of half an hour.

The partnership has delivered more than 5,500 units of blood over the past year, often in life-saving situations. The drones are helping to reduce maternal deaths – a quarter of which are the result of blood loss during childbirth – and high incidences of malaria-induced anaemia, which is common in children. 


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