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FDA instantly approves cancer drug for its revolutionary benefits

16-06-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

FDA instantly approves cancer drug for its revolutionary benefits | My Indian Dream

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Scientists have developed a groundbreaking new drug that is effective against 11 types of cancer and has been approved by the FDA

Cancer may no longer be a dreaded disease as now there is a very effective drug to counter it. Scientists have developed a revolutionary medicine to treat cancer that is so potent that the FDA approved it immediately.

The drug is known by the name Pembrolizumab. It can be used to treat 11 different kinds of cancer, no matter their location; whether in the bone, colon, pancreas, brain, or lung, as long as the tumor has certain bio-markers

In trials conducted over a three year period, pembrolizumab was administered to 86 patients who were in the last stages of cancer and were resistant to all treatments. Towards the end of the trial, it was found that there was dramatic tumor size reduction in 66 patients while the tumors in 18 of the patients disappeared altogether without any sign of returning

Cancer is able to advance easily in humans as the cancer cells are able to shield themselves from the proteins that the immune system uses to detect and fight diseases. However, Pembrolizumab works by detecting tumors by their genetic code and sends signals to the immune system, which can then work against them accordingly.

Due to its tremendous effect in treating cancer, the FDA fast tracked its approval in May.

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