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God’s angels...

13-07-2017 01:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

God’s angels... | My Indian Dream

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An instantaneous reaction leads to an incredible rescue

It was a fun time for Roberta Ursrey and her family as they were relaxing at the Panama City Beach. She suddenly feared that her sons have gone too far into the water. Her fears became more pronounced when the boys began screaming.

Ursrey and her family quickly swam up to them, but unfortunately, they too got trapped in a rip current. Ursrey feared that she might lose her family that day. All nine members of the family were trapped in 15 ft of water without any clue of what to do as they were confused by the cross-current and the force that was pulling them further into the water.

On that day, Jessica Simmons had picked up a discarded boogie board. When she noticed all the commotion she informed her husband and decided to help the family out. She paddled towards the family and her husband with the help of 80 beachgoers formed a long human chain.

When Simmons reached the family, she noticed that all of them were very exhausted and waves were knocking them under. Starting with the children, one by one Simmons and her husband along with a few rescuers towed the drowning family to the human chain that pulled them all to the shore.

Ursrey likened her rescuers to God’s angels and thanked them profusely while expressing her gratefulness. One of the witnesses, Rosalind Beckton said that it was heartening to see how strangers jumped into the sea to join the human chain and help the family from drowning.


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