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Floating Burger Joint In Dubai

07-02-2018 01:53 PM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

Floating Burger Joint In Dubai | My Indian Dream

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World's first sustainable floating burger joint opens in Dubai.

Dubai is an abode to beautiful landmarks for tourists to visit and recently got a unique addition to it. A floating food truck, Aqua Pod was opened on 31st January.

Aqua Pod, launched in Dubai's lagoons is the world's first sustainable drive through and will have its kitchen located in the water. The food will be served to the customers through jet skies, boats and yachts.

This first outlet of this water eatery has got its name as Salt Bay. Explaining the concept behind this outlet, Ahmed the architect behind this project said, People in Dubai are always surrounded by water and therefore there was a need for a floating food truck.

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