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Kenya Making Use Of Plastic Waste To Build Boats

13-11-2017 11:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Kenya Making Use Of Plastic Waste To Build Boats | My Indian Dream

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Lamu island keen to save its sandy golden beaches

The beautiful Lamu island with its golden beaches is on the verge of getting ruined due to increasing plastic waste. A recent beach clean up collected 33 tons of rubbish. Ben Morrison, a British-Ethiopian safari organizer was appalled by this and decided to save the island.

Morrison approached  Ali "Skanda" Abdalla, a master boat builder who reminisced his childhood when there was no litter on Lamu's beautiful golden beaches. Unfortunately, now donkeys, turtles, cows and other animals are dying from eating plastic.

They came up with an idea of making traditional sailing boats from recycled plastic which will also conserve the traditional woodland as wood is being used to make conventional boats. They have used plastic planks from the fledgling local recycling industry to build the boat.

Morrison said that it was becoming increasingly difficult for boat builders to find wood. He wishes the ancient skills of boat building to live on, by shifting from ever-scarce wood to plastic. He is working with eight expert Kenyan boat builders and states that the project is not easy as they are struggling to produce a consistent material out of the recycled plastic. They plan to sail it to Cape Town in South Africa when it is complete.

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