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Munich to ban diesel vehicles to counter pollution

20-06-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Munich to ban diesel vehicles to counter pollution | My Indian Dream

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The Mayor of Munich, Germany is considering banning diesel vehicles due to reports showing alarming levels of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Soon diesel vehicles may be off the roads of Munich as its mayor plans to impose a ban on diesel. This consideration came in the wake of a report that showed ‘shocking’ levels of nitrogen oxide emissions in the Bavarian capital.

Earlier, in September German carmaker Volkswagen was dragged in a scandal over rigged diesel emissions tests.  The rules have become stricter and the carmaker is struggling to comply with them to control nitrogen oxide emissions.

Munich mayor Dieter Reiter said that it seems unlikely that they can continue without bans in future. When asked about the nitrogen oxide readings across the city, he said that he didn’t expect such a shocking result.

The city of Stuttgart is already preparing for a ban on some vehicles from next year. A ban in Munich can affect between 133,000 and 170,000 vehicles, depending on how strict the ban will be. However, cars that comply with the latest Euro 6 emission rules would be exempted.

Before the VW scandal broke, half the new cars sold in Germany ran on diesel engines. Germany’s three major carmakers have traditionally spent heavily on diesel plants and development due to strong diesel demand in their home market owing to the technology’s fuel efficiency.

The diesel ban will go a long way in curbing air pollution.

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