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Nepal To Hold Elections After 18 Years

28-11-2017 11:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Nepal To Hold Elections After 18 Years | My Indian Dream

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First local elections in Nepal to be held in May

An important milestone will be set in Nepal as it will hold its first local elections in May 2018 paving the way for a transition to democracy after a long and difficult struggle.

Nepal's attempt to become a republic was thwarted by some regional groups who rejected a constitution approved by bigger political parties in 2015, saying it concentrated power further among the hill elite that has long dominated politics.

A peaceful election in May to more than 700 villages and municipal assemblies will make the way for national and state elections to be conducted later this year.

Prime Minister Prachanda, a former Maoist rebel leader, said that elections were necessary to take the peace process to a logical conclusion and end an important chapter of the political transition.

From 1996 to 2006 the Maoists had waged an insurgency against the monarchy which led to more than 17,000 people being killed. The 239-year-old monarchy was abolished by a constituent assembly dominated by the former guerrillas in 2008.

In order to make the elections possible, Prachanda said that he would amend the new constitution to address the grievances of the minority Madhesis who have threatened to disrupt the elections if their problems weren’t addressed.

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