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Now, Artificial Intelligence can read our thoughts

30-06-2017 03:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Now, Artificial Intelligence can read our thoughts | My Indian Dream

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How does it feel to know that someone is reading your mind

Now you don’t have to give a penny for thoughts if you own the new ‘mind reading’ artificial intelligence system that scientists have developed which can decode complex human thoughts just by measuring brain activity.

Scientists have found that the mind’s building blocks for constructing complex thoughts are not word-based, but are formed by the various sub systems of the brain.

Marcel Just from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US said that they have finally been able to develop a way to see very complex thoughts in the fMRI signal. By studying the relation between thoughts and brain activation patterns, scientists could decipher what thoughts are made of.

Researchers showed that the brain’s coding of 240 complex events consists of features, like person, setting, size, social interaction and physical action which is processed in a different brain system- that is how brain also processes the information for objects.

Thus, the programme can tell what type of thoughts are in a person’s mind by measuring the activation in each brain system.

Just said that human thoughts are composed of several concepts, and this advancement makes it possible to decode such thoughts for the first time. 

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