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Optimistic Findings from NASA’s Kepler Mission

02-11-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Optimistic Findings from NASA’s Kepler Mission | My Indian Dream

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NASA finds twenty potentially habitable worlds

NASA’s Kepler mission has made some interesting findings. Based on that, scientists have found 20 new planets that can support life. The findings from Kepler mission to discover alien worlds like our own suggest the existence of habitable worlds. According to scientists, it is a major breakthrough in our attempt to find “Earth 2.0”.

Scientists who have reviewed the major new research stated that the new worlds are remarkably similar to our own. Their duration of a year is notably similar to ours thus avoiding the problem of “short” years. These planets have temperatures that are life encouraging.

According to scientists, the planet that is most similar to that of Earth is KOI-7923.0.Its year comprises of 395 days and is 97percent the size of the Earth. It is a bit colder as it is far away from the sun and that sun is less warm. However, it probably means that the warmer parts of that planet are more akin to the colder parts of ours.

Jeff Coughlin, a team leader on the Kepler project and one of the scientists who found the new planets said that if a planet has to be chosen to send a spacecraft to, it's not a bad option.

According to scientists, the planets discovered have 70-80 percent chances of being habitable. More work needs to be done to confirm the findings.

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