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Scientists’ efforts result in world’s first blue flower

31-07-2017 01:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Scientists’ efforts result in world’s first blue flower | My Indian Dream

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Blue chrysanthemums pacify the quest for blue blooms

Apart from the blue sky and sea, the blue hue is rare in nature as the majority of plants and animals are incapable of making blue pigment. Therefore, there has always been an enthusiastic market for blue flowers as there has always been for black blooms.

One may seem to have seen a number of blue flowers like bluebells and cornflowers, but they are actually different versions of purple or violet.

After 13 years of painstaking research, Japanese scientists were able to create world’s first true blue flower when they created a bunch of blue chrysanthemums. These flowers created in a lab were the first to be verified as ‘true blue’ by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Scientists achieved this feat by taking DNA from a butterfly pea and Canterbury bell and transferring it to a common plant bug. The microscopic bug then carried the blue genes into a chrysanthemum. After a year, the seeds from this plant was taken and the new plant yielded chrysanthemums with blue petals.

This procedure has been reported in the journal – Scientific Advances by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation in Japan. Its lead author Dr. Naonobu Noda stated that after roses, chrysanthemums are the second best selling flowers in the world. He said that their chrysanthemums have a novel and natural blue colour which has been confirmed as true blue.


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