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Spooky Sounds from Space Just in Time for Halloween

31-10-2017 12:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Spooky Sounds from Space Just in Time for Halloween | My Indian Dream

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NASA releases a playlist of sounds from space

This year’s Halloween is going to be creepier as NASA has released a playlist of sounds from space. The playlist has weird sounds from cacophonic plasma waves to eerie Saturn radio emissions.

Though they are not the actual audio waves, the sounds are audible when astronomers convert the readings captured by various space probes and instruments into sound waves. NASA’s SoundCloud account enables us to hear those eerie space sounds.

After judging the playlist, a report stated that the creepiest planet in our Solar System appears to be the gas giant Jupiter and its numerous gigantic moons. A haunting screeching and roaring sound was captured when Juno crossed into Jupiter's formidable magnetic field.

The radio waves captured from the intense emissions spewed out by Saturn are also spooky. Creepy noises don't just come from elsewhere in the Solar System - turns out our own planet's magnetosphere can generate some pretty intense noises, too.

The playlist makes us marvel at the cosmic wonders of the universe and at the same time acts as a perfect musical score at Halloween parties. Halloween is observed in many countries on October 31st and has its roots in age-old European traditions.


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