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World’s Largest Food Companies Agree to Labelling Intended towards Cutting Food Wastage

25-09-2017 03:00 PM | Preeti Kulkarni | My Indian Dream

World’s Largest Food Companies Agree to Labelling Intended towards Cutting Food Wastage | My Indian Dream

In order to reduce food wastage, major companies around the world have decided to simplify their labels

The Consumer Goods Forum has urged some of the largest food companies of the world to simplify their labels in order to reduce food wastage. An estimated 133 billion pounds of food is wasted in US alone every year and one of the major reasons for the wastage is the confusing labels that carry multiple dates.

The Consumer Good Forum intends to harmonise the labelling across the globe by having a single ‘Use by’ date for the convenience of the consumers. Major food companies such as Walmart, Tesco, Kelloggs, Nestle, Carrefour and Unilever, are supporting the “call to action” by agreeing to redesign and harmonize the labels around the world by 2020. Ignacio Gavilan, director of sustainability at the Consumer Goods Forum, said, "The goal is to simplify and harmonize food date labeling around the world to reduce consumer confusion."

The Consumer Goods Forum is a network of over 400 companies which include the industry giants and hence is in a position to create a major impact on the issue of food wastage by taking action. The Forum is acting upon the UN General assembly guidelines on food wastage and aim to reduce the same by 2020.


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