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World’s oldest emoji discovered

26-07-2017 01:30 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

World’s oldest emoji discovered | My Indian Dream

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Excavations in Turkey lead to the oldest emoji

Excavations in one of the most important ancient cities of the world, Karkamis, Turkey has unraveled a pitcher that probably contains the "world's oldest smiley face emoji".   

A team of Turkish and Italian archeologists dug up a sherbet pitcher that has what appears to be a smiley face emoji deliberately drawn on it. The team unearthed the pitcher while conducting excavations.

It is a matter of coincidence that the emoji was found close to World Emoji Day which was on July 17. The pitcher dates back to 1,700 B.C. Nikolo Marchetti the leader of the team said that they have probably found the oldest smiley emoji. They have no idea about the purpose of the craftsman who drew that symbol, but they call it a smile.Various ancient vases and pots were found by the team in the necropolis site.

There is no doubt that the world of emojis is constantly evolving. On the occasion of World Emoji Day on July 17, Apple unveiled their new emojis. They include T-rex, a zombie and a genie, a breastfeeding woman and a lady in a hijab, a very graphic vomit emoji and an exploding head emoji, which would probably be used to express being 'mind blown'. These and few other emojis will be rolled out to Apple devices later this year.

Though emojis have become popular in this age of technology, the smiley on the pitcher reveals that they had been around a lot longer.

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