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Unsung Women warriors of India: Epitome of beauty with wisdom and valour

04-06-2017 06:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Unsung Women warriors of India: Epitome of beauty with wisdom and valour | My Indian Dream

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Here is a list of the unsung Queen Warriors of Indian history.

We all have studied about the valour and bravery of Jhansi Ki Rani, the statesmanship of Maharani Ahilya Devi Holkar. But there are many more queens whose valour are not much known to people. They truly symbolized the bravery of Kshatranis that built a legacy behind. Let us know about those Queens whose bravery stories need to be dusted off and read to all the Indians.

Rani Velu Nachiyar

She is a few of the rulers who regained her kingdom by her extreme valour and wits. She is an 18th-century queen of Sivaganga Estate. After the death of her husband, she escaped with her daughter and lived under Hyder Ali’s protection for eight years. Later in 1780, she fought against the British colonial power, won the battle and became the first queen to raise voice against the British Raj. She is also credited for making the first human bomb as one of her followers drenches herself in oil, lights up and walks into the arsenal to blow it up. She is referred by Tamilians as Veeramangai, the brave woman!

Rani Keladi Chennamma

She is considered as a perfect embodiment of Kannada women’s valour. She was the queen of the Keladi kingdom in the 17th century. After her husband’s death, she handled the entire administration of the kingdom. She is well known as the “Pepper Queen or Raina da Pimenta” owing to her trade agreement with the Portuguese. She also provided hostage to Rajaram Chhatrapati, son of Shivaji who was hiding from the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

Rani Abbakka

Abbakka Mahadevi was the queen of Tulunadu. She belonged to the Chowta dynasty and married Lakshmappa Arasa, the powerful king of Mangalore. However, her married life was short-lived and she returned back to Ullal. In a rage of revenge, Arasa joined hands with Portuguese and attacked Ullal. But Rani Abbakka’s valour set all their efforts in vain for over forty years. Because of her husband’s treachery, however later she lost the battle and was put in jail where she died later. She is considered women with self-respect and love for her land and one of the early voices against the colonial powers in the country.

Rani Nagamma

Rani Nagamma is known for her statesmanship and mind games. Her husband Singa Reddy died on the third day after their marriage due to snake bite. She learned lots of tricks and war strategies from her mentor Minister Gopanna. She later rose to be prime-minister of the Palanadu Kingdom under the rule of Nalagama Raju. More than a physical war, she played witty mindful tactics to defeat her enemies. There were instances that even after annexing the kingdom and emerging victorious, the enemies left the state due to unstable situations. All thanks to Rani Nagamma’s mind games!

Maharani Tarabai

Her valour is still celebrated in parts of Maharashtra where she is referred to as Bhadrakali. Tarabai Bhonsle was the queen of Chhatrapati Rajaram Bhonsle, son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On the death of her husband, she enthroned her son and took charge as a regent. She fought bravely against Aurangzeb and after his death, she was proclaimed as the Supreme Power of the Maratha Kingdom. But later due to internal family wars after the arrival of Shahu Maharaj lead to her downfall. She later signed peace treaty with the Peshwa.

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