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Filling Potholes to Save Lives

23-10-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Filling Potholes to Save Lives | My Indian Dream

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‘Pothole ambulance’ to the rescue of bike riders

Amidst the growing apathy of government officials and engineers and the rising number of deaths due to potholes, Hyderabad resident Gangadhara Tilak Katnam decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Tilak is an engineer who retired from South Central Railway (SCR) nearly a decade ago. In 2010, he made filling potholes his mission and ever since, he has filled 1,302 potholes across the city so far.

Such is his dedication that even on Diwali when all were enjoying the celebrations, Tilak stopped his 'Pothole Ambulance' at Tippu Bridge between Langar Houz and Police Academy junction and filled a pothole.

His mission not only consumes his time but also a chunk of his pension which he gives up for the safety of roads. He has also set up a voluntary organization 'Shramadaan' in which his family volunteers. It is heartening to know that he is often helped by passersby.

He selects those roads where people least expect a pothole as such potholes are dangerous. Tilak said that when the ride is smooth and suddenly one comes across a pothole, it becomes difficult and can result in deaths.

He has tried to get the police to mention potholes as the result of such road accidents so that civic official will immediately arrange for the repair of such roads, but his efforts were futile. He fails to understand why engineers don’t make note of the damaged roads in their jurisdiction and arrange for repairs to be carried out immediately.

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