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255 year Old Banyan Tree Continues to Expand

29-09-2017 12:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

255 year Old Banyan Tree Continues to Expand | My Indian Dream

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Scientists say the grand old crowd puller hasn’t stopped growing

The oldest citizen of Kolkata, the 255-year-old Great Banyan hasn't stopped growing and is greater than ever before. Situated at the Indian Botanic Garden at Shibpur, the giant tree continues to expand and has increased its girth by a massive two acres in a little over thirty years.

This has forced its caregivers to create a larger boundary railing to hold it in. A boundary was made for the tree that covered three acres but in 30 years, prop roots of the tree have grown all around to cover two more acres. Thus the new railing which has just been built covers a total area of five acres.

Scientists are certain that the tree will outgrow this boundary as well and has already nicknamed the Great Banyan `The Walking Tree'.

The garden authorities have decided to write to the Guinness authorities about the trees latest feat. The Great Banyan has over 4,000 prop roots that are keeping it alive.

The tree is very well taken care of 13 garden staffers that comprise of four senior botanists and nine trained gardeners. They check every inch of the tree for signs of fungal infection, termite infestations and rotting.


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