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India's Proud moment, a 9 year old Surat girl youngest to scale Europe’s tallest peak

24-06-2017 07:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

India's Proud moment, a 9 year old Surat girl youngest to scale Europe’s tallest peak | My Indian Dream

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The triumph of the human spirit over nature’s adversities

Dhanshree’s joy knew no bounds when she reached the peak of Mount Elbrus, the tallest peak in Europe. She couldn’t believe that she had scaled 18,510 feet and had become the youngest girl in the world to conquer Mt. Elbrus in Russia.

She was not alone in the conquest as her 13-year-old brother Janam, mother Sarika and father Jignesh joined her and the family together scaled the peak on June 18.

They embarked on their mission to ascend the mountain on June 13. It was the biggest test of the family, especially of Dhanshree’s mental and physical grit.

Mother Sarika who is a doctor, mountaineer and a biker said that there was a time when they felt that they would have to return when they encountered violent storms towards the end of the summit. However, they had already covered 3/4th of the mountain and the kids were determined to reach the peak.

The last day was the most strenuous as Dhanshree and family took 11 hours to scale the summit, carrying 10-12 kg weight. They were cheered all along by climbers from all over the world who were astounded by the kids’ sheer grit. Dhanshree now hopes to conquer Mount Everest one day.

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