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A Device That Converts Energy From Oceanic Waves Into Electricity. 

24-03-2018 04:30 PM  
Anita Neve | My Indian Dream   

A Device That Converts Energy From Oceanic Waves Into Electricity.  | My Indian Dream

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The power of the waves to generate electricity.

D C Sekhar, a former Captian with the Merchant Navy and a Bangalore based has innovated a device that converts energy from oceanic waves into electricity. 

Captian Shekhar with his 26 years of experience in Merchant Navy, made a prototype at Sadahalli (near Devanahalli), Bengaluru and got it tested at IIT-Madras. The result turned positive when artificial waves were created inside the pool.

The device actually is divided into two parts, the top and the bottom part. The top part has multiple drums floating on the surface and the bottom part has shafts connecting rods that converts each movement of waves into electricity using a generator. 

Captain Sekhar said in Indian Express, “Some private ports have shown interest in the product and I am in talks with them. They can use it to power the breakwater lights. The device can be especially useful in islands. The prototype was developed at a cost of `12.25 lakh, of which `8.7 lakh was from the grant. In comparison, a Danish firm trying to build something similar was unable to find investors to match-fund a whopping $20 million grant ”

Captain Sekhar's next innovation will be a hybrid, unmanned wave-powered boat with a long cruising range, which could serve as a platform for sensors and surveillance. 


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