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A New Method Of Farming Reaps Rich Rewards

12-01-2018 11:30 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream      17

A New Method Of Farming Reaps Rich Rewards | My Indian Dream

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Villagers benefit substantially from this new method of farming

Knowledge of multi-layer farming has empowered women to stand on their feet in Kaushambi village in Uttar Pradesh. In this method of farming, crops and vegetables of different heights and rooting pattern are cultivated together in the same field.

 The objective of multi-layer farming is to utilise the vertical, horizontal and underground space more effectively. In this method, the tallest components have foliage of strong light and high evaporative demand. The shorter components with foliage require lesser shade and or relatively high humidity.

Multi-layer farming has proved to be very effective as, over the years, the income earned per unit area has increased substantially. The technique also ensures that a steady supply of farm products throughout the year.


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