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A Smart Cane For The Visually Impaired

26-01-2018 07:00 AM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

A Smart Cane For The Visually Impaired | My Indian Dream

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A smart cane that detects obstacles for the visually impaired.

T Abuthair, a student of electrical engineering from Chennai along with his classmate B Anantakrishnan has found a way to help the visually challenged. 

Smart Cane an innovation by these two students helps to detect obstacles for the visually impaired. This device not only detects obstacles but also informs you about the nature of obstacles. 

A lot of thought is involved in this product and currently, it can detect 21 objects such as chairs, tables, vehicles and animals. The two have also extended the project by installing a voice-controlled mechanism to switch-on and switch-off electrical appliances. 

The device will reduce a lot of risks to the visually challenged and will bring down a lot of accidents. Kudos to the brilliant minds.

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