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A Kind Gesture Helps Young Girls To Continue Their Studies

04-11-2017 06:00 AM  
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A Kind Gesture Helps Young Girls To Continue Their Studies | My Indian Dream

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Girls go to school on wheels of hope

Hundreds of girls stopped going to school in Muktsar district, Ludhiana last year owing to lack of transportation facilities. These girls dropped out as they had to travel 5 km from their homes to reach a school. Now, thanks to the Muktsar district administration that has decided to provide bicycles to them under the theme  'Saadi dhee saada maan' (our daughter our pride), the girls have started going to school.

The district authorities identified 264 girls who had stopped going to school and appealed to masses to make bicycles available to the girls so that they could continue their studies. Within a day, the assurances and money for nearly 100 cycles came forth. The administration then tied up with a bicycle manufacturing company at Ludhiana which has agreed to provide the cycles at Rs 1,500 each.

Muktsar deputy commissioner (DC) Sumeet Jarangal said that he came up with this initiative when a fortnight ago, he was on a bicycle ride at Jharod village when he noticed some girls waiting for transport to go to their school which was 5 km away. He was told by villagers that some girls have stopped going to school due to want of transportation facilities. That is when he came up with this idea of providing bicycles to the girls.


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