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A novel method for boosting tree plantation!

11-08-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

A novel method for boosting tree plantation! | My Indian Dream

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Plant a tree and score 5 marks!

Delhi civic bodies will soon grant up to 5 marks to students for planting a tree and participating in tree plantation drive.

As a part of initial phase, about 1-5 marks would be awarded to students for planting a tree and the principal of the school would be asked to supervise the student’s effort in taking care of the planted tree for about a year. Saplings in Delhi are having a low survival rate and hence these efforts would lead to increase in their lifespan. Just plantation isn’t important, its survival is also equally important. The award of marks would encourage students to take proper care of their planted saplings. Currently such extra marks are being granted only to sports and other extra-curricular achievements. Now plantation certificates will also have the same value and would prove beneficial for getting admissions in other schools after Grade 5.

The current low tree survival rates in Delhi is a grave environmental issue. Also experts have suggested that the local bodies must focus more on the survival of the planted trees rather than the number of them planted. A special team has been appointed for the same.

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