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Indore, the First City in India to Mount a Robot to Regulate Traffic

16-09-2017 01:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Indore, the First City in India to Mount a Robot to Regulate Traffic | My Indian Dream

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Robot bids adieu after completion of its service

A traffic Robocop installed at Barfani Dham square in Indore bid adieu to citizens with the promise of a return. It started its services in June and Indore became the first city in India to mount a robot to regulate traffic.

 The 14-feet tall Robocop, as it was fondly called had become the talk of the city. However, it bid adieu to the city after completing two months of service. Since then the traffic at Barani Dham is chaotic and people want the robot to be reinstalled as it was very efficient in managing traffic.  

Commuters rue that the situation at the square is back to chaos and endless honking. Another daily commuter wished that the robot is brought back as it was a hit with the city and resonated with the idea of a smart city.

Acceding to the wishes of the public, the police authorities have planned to purchase a new version of Robocop from its manufacturers and reinstall it with some modifications.

Traffic DSP Pradeep Singh Chouhan informs that a revised version of Robocop will be installed which will have four RGB-D cameras (depth sensing devices to give images of violators), besides other updates. It can be expected to take charge of the square in a fortnight.

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