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A Social Network Exclusively for Foodies

29-09-2017 09:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Social Network Exclusively for Foodies | My Indian Dream

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IIT Kharagpur alumni devises an excellent platform for food lovers

A social network for food lovers has been developed that enables one to connect with fellow foodies, inform them about good eateries and discover exciting places to gorge on delicious food. This platform which has been developed by  IIT Kharagpur alumni is called ‘Eatable’.

Eatable helps food lovers and tourists find the best places to eat at a particular location. It is accessible anywhere in India both on mobile and desktop.

Three alumni from IIT Kharagpur — Mainak Sarkar from the Electrical Engineering Department, and Pritam Khan and Sumit Agarwal, from the Computer Science and Engineering Department,  developed this social network-cum-utility platform. The fourth person to contribute in this venture is Abhijit Ghosh, a Civil Engineering final year student from IIEST Shibpur.

Mainak Sarkar, Co-founder & CEO, Eatable said that the idea came to them from problems faced by travellers at new or unknown places about the availability of choice of food, locations and quality. The social network is exclusively for food lovers where they can share information about good food with fellow foodies as well as connect with their favourite eateries.

He added that a person who liked the food at a particular eatery can upload it on the platform through the ‘Discovery’ post option which adds that place to the network’s database.

It also helps businesses by allowing eateries (restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and others) from any location with internet access to join the platform and connect with their customers and keep them engaged and updated about all their activities in real time.


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