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A Transformation through Persistent Efforts

07-10-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Transformation through Persistent Efforts | My Indian Dream

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An ordinary school is converted into one of the best schools of Kerala

The Government Higher Secondary School at Panjal near Wadakanchery in Kerala was a mediocre school with dwindling admissions and lack of proper facilities.

It took the consistent and dedicated efforts of teachers, parents and social activists together to bring the 85-year-old school back on track and make it one of the best government schools in Kerala.

In 2000, the school had only 651 students. Admission rate was falling and the SSLC pass percentage was only 20. Now, after a decade of launching an academic improvement programme by teachers, parents and social activists in 2007,  the SSLC pass percentage has been 100 for the past two years. Student population also increased to 2,232 out of which 1,356 belong to BPL category.

T I Yousaff, who won the best teacher award for his role in transforming the school, said that in the months preceding exams, classes begin at 7.30am and end by 6 pm. The school also began a screening process to identify poor performers and train them separately.

The infrastructure of the school has increased to a great extent. It has got funds for the construction of a new building. The school now has an excellent library that houses 30,000 books. It also provides newspapers each day and at a time 65 students can read the different papers that have been subscribed.

 Teachers themselves purchased 400 chairs for the school. There is a need to replace the tin sheet roofs over some classes as well as secure bus service for the school. With the speed at which transformation is taking place, the principal is confident that these issues will also be resolved without delay.

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