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Agantuk, exploring urban isolation

25-06-2017 10:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Agantuk, exploring urban isolation | My Indian Dream

 A film made by design student make the rounds on the internet. 

Bringing up the topic of urban isolation is a Marathi short film Agantuk. This short film made by MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design student is going viral on the internet because of its relevant topic in the current world scenario. Made by Sawroopa Sanap, this movie was a part of her diploma project uploaded on the internet and also showcased on a national television channel. 

The film revolves around a boy who visits the city but his old neighbour informs him that every day a visitor comes to meet him at his house in his absence. 

In the report published in The Times of India Swaroopa said,  “Agantuk was my project as part of my diploma course. The film talks about urban isolation. We see many elders today who are left alone by their children. They kill time by watching television, and they have no one to talk to. This is a relevant subject in today's time, and that's why I think the story clicked with viewers." She clarifies that the film doesn't borrow any sort of inspiration from Satyajit Ray 1991 film that goes by the same name, but has been named so considering the character of the "strange visitor".

Nimish Kaur, Swaroopa's professor, adds, "There are very few content-oriented Marathi short films. We give our students complete freedom to choose the subject of their films, and urban isolation is something that everyone can relate to in today's day and age," he adds.

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