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Alert cop stops Presidential convoy to allow ambulance to pass

09-07-2017 08:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Alert cop stops Presidential convoy to allow ambulance to pass | My Indian Dream

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A traffic police officer was brave enough to give way to an ambulance

In a country where politicians expect themselves to be treated as kings so much that policemen have often been hauled up for not giving preferential treatment to VIPs, here is a shining example of a traffic police sub- inspector who adhered to his duty, even if it meant stopping the President of India.

President Pranab Mukherjee was in Bengaluru for the inauguration of Metro’s Green Line. As the convoy of the President of India was to pass through a busy junction, traffic police sub-inspector ML Nijalingappa who was deployed at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle spotted an ambulance trying to make its way towards a private hospital near HAL.

Nijalingappa directed his colleagues to help the ambulance travel through the traffic-heavy road even as the convoy of the President was to pass within a few minutes.

The police officer has been lauded for his presence of mind and his sincerity towards his duty. He has won hearts in the city and on social media. While some are of the opinion that the officer doesn’t deserve so much praise as what he did was a part of his duty and was expected of him, many feel that his efforts should be rewarded as he has set an example of  excellent service and dedication towards duty in a country where rules are broken in favour of politicians and bureaucrats.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic East Division, Bengaluru City, Abhei Goyal later took to Twitter to praise the officer’s presence of mind.

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