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‘All Weather Bulbs’ To Prevent Accidents

07-12-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

‘All Weather Bulbs’ To Prevent Accidents | My Indian Dream

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Roadways to be safer with all weather bulbs

The UPSRTC buses will henceforth be equipped with "all weather bulbs" instead of conventional foglights which will help to avert accidents and ensure safe travel even during fog in winter.

The state transport buses will no longer have to be cancelled due to fog as the new bulbs provide more light with minimum maintenance than fog lights. Earlier, roadways buses were fitted with fog lights which were not very effective.

The all-weather bulb is a new fitment that will be installed in place of headlights in buses which can work in a fog, rainy season and any inclement weather condition. They can be easily installed in the buses and give more light than the fog lights.

Unlike the fog lights that they are external attachments prone to damage or tampering, the new lights are fitted in the headlight and give more light.  S P Singh, regional service manager, UPSRTC, said that the installation of these lights are bit costlier as against fog lights but maintenance is cheaper.

Although these new lights are more effective in a fog, some bus drivers have also installed fog lights for their satisfaction. Singh said that maintenance will be carried out to ensure that all these lights are in a working condition before the impending foggy days.


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