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An Explosive Detector To Replace Sniffer Dogs

05-12-2017 11:30 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

An Explosive Detector To Replace Sniffer Dogs | My Indian Dream

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Sensor developed by IIT Ropar is foolproof

Till now, sniffer dogs were being used to detect explosives, but soon they may be replaced by a device developed at IIT Ropar, Punjab. The sensor can detect even minute quantities of nitroaromatics -- the organic chemicals used to make various explosives --including Trinitrotoluene (TNT). The scanning done by sniffer dogs is always effective, but not foolproof.

However, the sensor is in aqueous form and efforts are on to make it in solid form. The aqueous-sensors have shown excellent results as they changed the colour of various bags, containers and other objects in which the nitroaromatics were stored.

Various security agencies are also involved in this important research in wake of numerous terror events worldwide that has necessitated the development of highly sensitive and a portable explosive sensing device in a variety of environmental conditions.

An associate professor at the chemistry department of IIT-Ropar, Narinder Singh said that the explosives prepared by using nitroaromatics have always remained challenging targets. It's under his supervision that postdoctoral fellow Gagandeep Singh is conducting the research.

Narinder Singh added that the sensors will easily help to avert terrorist threats as well as monitor environmental pollution. As the sensor is in aqueous form, brushes are dipped in it which immediately changes its colour from red to purple after coming in contact with any nitroaromatic.

Apart from being portable and sensitive, this sensor is very quick in tracing nitroaromatics during frisking or checking at airports, railway stations or other such places.


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