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An Epitome of Communal Harmony

03-10-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

An Epitome of Communal Harmony | My Indian Dream

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Hindu family takes out tazia on Muharram

A Hindu family in Odisha became a perfect example of communal harmony when it continued with the 350-year-old tradition of observing Muharram on Sunday. Since 1664, the family from Mudipara in Sambalpur has been taking out a tazia, a replica of the tomb of Imam Hussain, annually to commemorate Muharram.

There is a tradition of taking out a procession with the tazia during Muharram. According to the Padhiary family, this tradition was started in their family by their ancestor, Jayadeb Padhiary, who had fled home to escape an arranged marriage.

Jayadeb travelled far and wide and landed in Mecca, where he not only found refuge but also came in contact with a culture he would grow to love. After a few years, he returned home with two maulanas, or learned Muslim leaders, and sought permission from the then ruler of Sambalpur to commemorate Muharram with a tazia procession.

The Sambalpur King Chhatra Sai gave in to Jayadeb's request and from then on, the Padhiary family started the annual tradition of observing Muharram. Till this day, the Padhiary family has carried on with the tradition. They organise the event without any help. The family makes the tazia itself and the neighbours join in the Muharram procession. The city sees in the family an example of communal harmony.


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