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Answers to mental issues? Mahabharata has it!

29-07-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Answers to mental issues? Mahabharata has it! | My Indian Dream

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Want to know how can Mahabharata have answers to our mental issues!?

National president of Indian Medical Association (IMA) KK Aggarwal says that the great epic Mahabharata has answers to various psychiatric issues.

Mr. Aggarwal has his article published in the Equator Line magazine's latest issue - Cobwebs Inside Us. The article states that the history of Indian Psychiatry dates back at the time when Lord Krishna gave his successful counseling to Arjuna before the great battle of Mahabharata! In Aggarwal’s write-up entitled ‘Psychotherapy in the time of Vedas’, he states that in those times there weren’t any medicines or professionals that could cure mental illnesses. It was Sanskrit scripts that gave guidance to people in ancient India. Mr. Aggarwal rightly considers Lord Krishna as the best counselor. Lord Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna not only made Arjuna mentally recover from the war but also constituted a whole 700 verses sacred Bhagwad Gita!

Now that times have changed, we have got technically advanced and have many medicines and therapies, also professionals that would guide us through the mental treatment and cure us. But the traditional ancient ‘Vedic approach’ has its own powerful way of recovering as it controlled mind, intellectual and ego at the same time.

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