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App which will remind patients of medicine time

27-06-2017 09:00 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

App which will remind patients of medicine time | My Indian Dream

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To cure the tuberculosis patients now TCS is developing an app

India has done its bit to cure the patients of tuberculosis by providing free medication to those suffering. Almost all civic-run and government run hospitals in the country provides free medication and follow up treatment to completely cure people. It is important for tuberculosis patients to take their medication on time without fail and also continuously maintain their health by eating healthy food. Now a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is developing a  software which will help tuberculosis patients to take medicines on time without forgetting. Such app will be launched for the first time for the society which will benefit many people suffering from the disease. 

There will be an alarm system in the app that will remind them of medicines. Nashik Municipal Corporation's medical superintendent Vijay Dekate said,  "There should not be break or gap in the treatment. For this, awareness should be created. All TB patients should be treated. This new app will be provided under revised National Tuberculosis Control Prgramme. "The team studied the DOTS (directly observed treatment short course) in the city. Currently, the Dots programme, wherein the TB patients are identified and treated, is conducted every alternate day. But, now, we have been asked to conduct it daily. The DOTS providers go to the patient and give medicines," said Dekate. He further added, “Secondly, private medical practitioners will have to identify TB cases and treat them. They should inform the government or the NMC of such cases. The government will give the medicines and the private practitioners should give them to the patient free.”

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